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Getting out and using the city walkways as a pedestrian or bicyclist is a great way to get outside, get some exercise, and even reduce your carbon footprint by using up less fuel. Regardless of your good intentions for being out and walking or riding your bike though, you have to remember that there will be people driving cars around you and those people aren’t always paying attention to what’s going on around them.

Distracted driving is a well-known issue and as we get more and more technology to play around with, there is more and more for people to be distracted by while they are driving. From navigation apps to text messages and itunes playlists to selfies on Instagram, people are doing all kinds of things behind the wheel beside watching where they are going.

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People can also be distracted by their passengers, over-tired and falling asleep, or under the influence of some kind of drug or alcohol. There are people with medical conditions who could have a seizure or stroke and veer off of the road. Just because you’re not actually on the roadway doesn’t mean you’re not at risk for a collision. Looking both ways before crossing a street is important, but your safety is still in the hands of people driving vehicles around you every time you are out using the sidewalks as a pedestrian or cyclist no matter how well you pay attention. Always make sure that you are prepared to act fast and that you know who to call if a vehicle collides with you while you’re out walking or biking. 

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In Oklahoma, a pedestrian or cyclist in a crosswalk has the right of way over the majority of vehicles. When you are driving in Tulsa, make sure that you pay extra attention in areas where a crosswalk is likely. This could include school zones, parks, downtown areas, concert or sports venues, etc.  Also always remember to exercise extreme caution in areas where children may be playing or getting off of a bus. Children playing in the street or getting off of a bus must be yielded to by drivers in Oklahoma.

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How to Open a Pedestrian / Bicyclist Case in Tulsa

If you are hit by a vehicle while using the sidewalk or roadway as a pedestrian or cyclist, call the police immediately request medical attention. Even if you think your injuries are minor, you could be in shock and have adrenaline masking the pain of a more serious injury. Do not, under any circumstance, let the driver of the vehicle who struck you talk you out of calling the police. You should also avoid giving any sort of statement and you shouldn’t sign anything presented by the insurance company representing the driver. As soon as you are able to, contact Mark L. Miller to review your claim and see what the best course of action may be.  

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