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  • Remember, it is better to have a Tulsa car accident attorney’s contact information readily available before you’re in an accident. 
  • Even if you don’t feel like you’re injured immediately after a car wreck, make sure you file a report. Sometimes pain isn’t noticeable until you’ve calmed down and the adrenaline wears off. 
  • Even with advances in vehicle technology, a car wreck can still cause major injury or death. 
  • When navigating the claims process after a car wreck, it is always better to have help from an experienced Tulsa Car Accident Attorney who can make sure you get the settlement that you’re entitled to. 

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Motor vehicle collisions are a very unfortunate part of reality, but one that we must plan for and prepare for if we are going to be on the road. Driving safely is extremely important, but there’s no way to avoid the fact that every time we get on the road we are putting our lives and safety in the hands of many other people, the vast majority of whom we know nothing about. We don’t know how old they are, what sort of psychological state they are in, whether they are sober or inebriated. There are even self-driving cars on public roadways now that are susceptible to malfunction and have caused accidents.

Driving has become an essential part of modern human life, but we must always remain vigilant of the risks and be prepared for the worst. Make sure you have a local motor vehicle collision attorney’s contact information on hand at all times, because you don’t want to end up scrambling to find someone to call right after a motor vehicle collision when you are shaken and possibly injured.

Automobile technology has been improving more and more every year and vehicles are certainly becoming better at protecting the driver and passengers if a collision occurs.  Advances in vehicle structural design, parts made of new and better materials, advances in airbag technology, etc. have all contributed to the increase in overall vehicle crash-safety. Unfortunately, there are also more and more people on the road every day. Obviously, the more crowded the roadways are with motor vehicles, the more likely collisions are to occur. Even with safer vehicles, collisions are still a very common occurrence and no matter how advanced a car’s safety technology, car accidents are still able to cause catastrophic injury or even death. If you or someone you love is injured or killed in a motor vehicle collision, Mark Miller is standing by ready to review your case and fight to make sure that you get what you deserve in your settlement.   

Tulsa Car Accident Collision Statistics

For the year of 2019, OHSO reported 73,267 car wrecks statewide in Oklahoma. Out of those wrecks, 584 were fatal, 1,809 involved a serious injury, and over 7,000 others involved some sort of minor injury. The most common day of the week for an accident to occur is Friday, and the most common time is 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM. 

The numbers don’t lie, being on the road can be risky business, especially if you have a 5:00 PM commute or kids to pick up from school. The smart thing to do is be prepared and have our number in your phone. The sooner after a car wreck that you can call your attorney, the better. Insurance companies may try to use anything that you say or do as evidence to deny part of your claim, so it’s very important that you get guidance from an experience professional like Mark Miller right away.

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How to Open a Tulsa Car Accident Case

If you’re involved in a car wreck in or near Tulsa, call Mark L. Miller immediately. We will review your case and make sure you understand what to say, who to speak with, and what the process will look like as the case progresses forward. Don’t wait until an accident happens, save our contact information now and be ready to act fast. 

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